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About Noah’s Ark

Leading The Way

Noah’s Ark Environmental Services Ltd, are leading the way with our innovative provision of Dog Warden Services, Animal collection services and Pest Control Services.

The company was founded in November 2004 supported by the Princes’ Trust. The company traded as Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue & Pet Transportation until its incorporation in 2008 when the company changed its name to Noah’s Ark Environmental Services Ltd.
Noah’s Ark Environmental Services Ltd are a well-established Animal Warden and Pest Control Services company. Our growth and success is based upon 3 core values –

  • Customer service excellence

  • Reliability

  • Cost effective services

Customer Service

With customer services the core of all the services we provide we utilise a selection of methods to keep informed on the service levels being provided and how that service is being received and if any improvements/changes would enable us to improve services further.

We provide a proven reliable service that Local authorities, commercial and public clients can trust to provide the best service available. We promise to deliver all requirements of Service level agreements of dog warden services and contracted or discussed action required for pest control service.

We provide the best service at low cost without compromising the quality of service we provide. We will create a plan that will encompass each client’s needs through finding out exactly what their requirements are and how we can provide this for them.

We ensure the service is quality controlled through external accreditations and pride ourselves on being an innovative company.

Our ability to continually meet all Service Level Agreement’s has given us a reputation for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Working in partnership with our local Authority clients, the renewal or successful re-tendering of our contracts as well as returning customers stands as evidence of the value of service we give.

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